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Welcome to AdvisorTweets.com!

This site provides a real-time look at what U.S.-based financial advisors are thinking. It's about understanding and yes, following the insights and comments of the financial advisor community.

We love Twitter! If Twitter did not share its API, AdvisorTweets.com would not be possible. More to the point, without Twitter we'd have no real-time way of aggregating what's on the minds of financial advisors.

As a group, financial advisors carry a lot of influence. In 2008, in a survey conducted prior to the market collapse, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that slightly more than half (51%) of investors relied on their financial advisors as their main source of investment information. What financial advisors are thinking, as represented by their tweets, can be instructive.

The number of advisors who use Twitter is, in September 2009, a fraction of all U.S. financial advisors. Even fewer advisors are part of the AdvisorTweets universe because this is a curated site. While our intent is to present the tweets of the largest number of financial advisors, we recognize that some advisors use their Twitter accounts for more personal than business reasons. Also please see our Terms of use and note the Report Abuse icon that accompanies each advisor profile. We monitor tweets in order to present high-quality content from financial advisor professionals.

We've developed AdvisorTweets for the following audiences:

  • Financial advisors themselves. Advisors value networking and learning from one another. In the wake of the economic and market crisis of 2008, many advisors have energetically taken to Twitter as a dynamic communication channel that traditional forms of communications (e.g., newsletters) pale in comparison to. It's not no-cost because many advisors are diligent about the time they invest and about the quality of the tweets they send. But Twitter works for financial advisors. Those prohibited from Twitter by the rules of their firm, we believe, work at a competitive communications disadvantage.
  • Investors. Post-crisis surveys leave no doubt that investors/clients want more transparency and accountability from their financial advisors. Regulations and firm rules dictate exactly how a financial advisor can use his Twitter account, with repercussions for those who step out of bounds. While advisor tweets don't contain investment advice, they do reflect advisor thoughts and influences.
  • The media. Throughout the financial crisis, we heard from plenty of sources—from market analysts representing institutions, Fast Money commentators representing traders and Suze Orman representing personal finance personalities. But the wisdom and wit of individual financial advisors in the trenches was less accessible and therefore under- reported. AdvisorTweets provides the time and temperature of the advisor community.
  • Product and service providers who seek to better understand financial advisors. Just as advisors use Twitter to better understand their client base, those who market to advisors can sharpen their communications by using AdvisorTweets.com to deepen their understanding of what advisors want and value.

AdvisorTweets.com was founded by Pat Allen, a financial services digital marketing strategist. As founder and principal of Rock The Boat Marketing, Pat's clients are asset managers—mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers—that invest millions communicating with financial advisors they rely on to distribute their investment products.

In May 2009, Rock The Boat Marketing (RTB) created a social media directory to track the investment management industry's gradual adoption of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. The directory kept track of financial advisors, asset management, broker- dealer and investment management media Twitter accounts. Financial advisors enthusiastic use of Twittter prompted RTB to spin off this separate site focused on not just who the Twitter-using advisors are but on what they're thinking.

In July 2011, Smarsh, Inc. acquired AdvisorTweets.com.

We welcome your comments to @AdvisorTweets or info@advisortweets.com.

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